100% of claims
submitted with in 24 hours
of reciept

Over 100,000 claims
and $120 million
in billings processed

98% of AR followup, denial
& appeals collected in
less than 90 days

Welcome to OptimusOne

OptimusOne was founded by a General Physician graduate, fed up with insurance company payment issues, ever-changing regulations, constant billing code problems and lost revenue.

After extensive research, a team was built, a strategy was refined, and the problems were fixed. The team eased the administrative burden and delivered significant financial results. After providing the same services for a few physician friends, a company was born.

Within 2 years, OptimusOne grew to 40 dedicated employees - processing over $120m in billings for its physicians and medical centers. Since we were founded by a physician, our focus remains squarely on the physicians and their staff.

Today, our company continues to evolve - adding a former Forensic Accountant from a world-renowned firm and a Cybersecurity expert who owned a Law & Accounting IT company to our leadership team. We provide the industry's best auditing practices and a commitment to protect and secure patient and financial data.

Our company started with a simple billing audit. Since then, we've developed a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system that we've replicated for physician practices and medical centers both large and small. Give us a call or send us an email - we'd like to show you what we've learned with a free billing audit with recommendations.

98% of claims
paid within
90 days

Less than 1%
administrative errors in
charge entry and coding

24 hour
turnaround time
on submissions

Industry News

Consumer Report

“Administrative expenses, which are largely billing-related, account for 20 percent to 25 percent of U.S. healthcare expenditures,” says David Cutler, a Harvard economics professor and healthcare policy expert.

Those administrative costs as a percentage of hospital spending are twice the level of Canada and far higher than in other nations, studies show.

Healthcare Finance

A Healthcare Finance study found Medicaid was two to three times as difficult as Medicare or private insurance to bill. The study evaluated 44 million claims from 68,000 physicians, totalling $8.4 billion.

The authors estimated that the disputed bills amounted to $54 billion annually across all insurers, and $11 billion could be saved if billing efficiency were improved to the best level observed in the data.

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